Services Provided

Care/Treatment Services Provided

Our Centers care for adults and children with various problems including but not limited to:

Asthma -Moderate to Severe
Allergic rhinitis / hay fever
Atopic dermatitis / eczema
Drug allergy
Food allergy & hypersensitivities
Medical management of chronic sinusitis
Stinging insect allergy
Urticaria / hives, including chronic hives
Immune evaluations for recurrent and unusual infections
Primary Immunodeficiency
Chronic Cough
Nasal Polyps

Procedures and services we offer include:

Allergy skin testing for pollens, indoor allergens, molds and foods
Allergy immunotherapy (shots) for allergies and asthma
Allergy blood testing
Spirometry (breathing tests)
Oral challenges for food and drug allergy
Desensitization for drug allergy
Intravenous (and subcutaneous) immune globulin infusion
Patch testing for contact dermatitis and delayed hypersensitivity reactions
Counseling on the use of inhaled medications
New treatments for blocking allergies
Immunomodulatory treatments for asthma and chronic hives
Environmental mold testing
Environmental control measures to decrease allergen exposure at home
Exhaled nitric oxide measurements for asthma
Aspirin desensitization for nasal polyps and heart disease
Testing for penicillin drug allergy

“We are involved in clinical trials for new treatments for allergies and asthma.”